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Our Ponies


Amy, (right) and Friday (left) with their daughter Maisie


Amy and Maisie

Photos: Camilla Karlsson

Amy, Maisie and Friday are a super family of miniature Shetlands who spend most of their days keeping the grass in our paddocks in check. They are the most affectionate, gentle Shetlands I've ever met. They all come to call, thrive on human attention and are full of the joy of living. They are a very welcome addition to our family.

Breeze is an Irish Gypsy Vanner, or at least that is what is says on her passport. There is a lot of love in Breeze. She comes to call, would happily follow you around all day long and is always pleased to see you. She spent most of her life in a riding school so we thought she'd be ideal for a novice rider. But there were reasons for her explusion and we soon discovered them. Riding her is always exciting. She bucks, rears, spins and, if she does manage to get you off her back, has a tendancy to stamp on you. But we love her and her quirky ways and she will spend the rest of her days with us.

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